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[verse 1] d d d
Aesseoseo hwaljjak useotdeon nare
bameun wae deo eoduulkka
- Dm Dm Bb Bb Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7
It keeps bringing me down, down, down

Modu neomu swipge naebaetdeon mal
A A Dm Dm
ama deulligetji meojiana
- Bb Bb Bb Bb
I've heard enough, I've heard enough
Of the things that I'm not

[pre-chorus] strum once
Bb Bb C C F F
- On sesangi bakkwieogado
Dm Dm Bb Bb
ajik naneun geudaeron geol
naega georeoganeun i gireul kkumkkudeon
- Bb Bb
Geuttae geudaero
- C C
geuttae geudaero
F F C C Dm Dm
nae maeireul chumchudeon
- Bb Bb C C Dm Dm
cheoeum geu jarie nama inneun geol

[chorus] d d uud d
- F F
But you'll never know unless you walk in my shoes
You'll never know eongkyeobeorin nae kkeun
Dm Dm
'Cause everybody sees what they wanna see
Bb Bb
It's easier to judge me than to believe

Dm Dm
gipi sumgyeotdeon nalgeun saenggakdeul
Db Db Dmb Dmb Bb Bb
Gakkeum nareul japgo goeropijiman
Geureolsurok I'ma shine, baby
Bb Bb
- You know they ain't got a shot on me


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