Silent Night Uke tab by Bing Crosby

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[CC] Silent xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
[G7G7] All xx xxxx [CC] all xx [C7C7] bright
[FF] Round xxx xxxxxx [CC] mother xxx [C7C7] child
[FF] Holy xxxxxx xx [CC] tender xxx xxxx
[G7G7] Sleep xx xxxxxxxx [CC] pea [Am/CAm/C] ce
[CC] Sleep xx [G7G7] heavenly [CC] peace
[CC] Silent xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
[G7G7] Shepherds xxxxx [CC] at xxx [C7C7] sight
[FF] Glories xxxxxx xxxx [CC] heaven x [C7C7] far
[FF] Heavenly xxxxx xxxx [CC] alleluia
[G7G7] Christ xxx xxxxxxx xx [CC] bor [Am/CAm/C] n
[CC] Christ xxx [G7G7] saviour xx [CC] born
[CC] Silent xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
[G7G7] Son xx xxx [CC] love's xxxx [C7C7] light
[FF] Radiant xxxxx xxxx [CC] Thy xxxx [C7C7] face
[FF] With xxx xxxx xx xx [CC] deeming xxxxx
[G7G7] Jesus xxxx xx xxx [CC] bir [Am/CAm/C] th
[CC] Jesus [G7G7] Lord xx xxx [CC] birth


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About this song

According to the Silent Night Songfacts, Bing Crosby's version of this carol was his best-selling recording of the 1930s.