I Started A Joke Uke tab by Bee Gees

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INTRO: D chordD F#m chordF#m G chordG A chordA (2x)

[DD] i xxxxxxx x [F#mF#m] joke
[GG] which xxxxxxx x xxxxx xx [AA] rld xxxx [DD] ng [F#mF#m] [GG]
[AA] oh xx xxx xxxx x [DD] ee [F#mF#m] [GG]
[A chordA] that xxx xxxx xxx xx [D chordD] m [F#m chordF#m] e [G chordG]

[DD] i xxxxxxx xx x [F#mF#m] ry
[GG] which xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx [AA] world xx [DD] ug [F#mF#m] hing [GG]
[AA] oh xx xxx xxxx x [DD] ee [F#mF#m] [GG]
[A chordA] that xxx xxxx xxx xx x [D chordD] e

[BmBm] I xxxx xx xxx x [AA] ky
running xx xxx [GG] ds
[DD] over xx xxxx
[BmBm] and x xxxx xxx xx x [F#mF#m] ed
coz xx xx xx [GG] ad
are xxxxxx xxxx x x [AA] aid

till [DD] i xxxxxxx [F#mF#m] die
[G chordG] which xxxxxx xxx xxxxx x [A chordA] orld xxx [D chordD] in [F#m chordF#m] g [G chordG]
[AA] oh xx xxx xxxx x [DD] ee [F#mF#m] [GG]
[AA] that xxx xxxx xxx xx [DD] me [F#mF#m] [GG]

(repeat intro)


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About this song

year: 1969