Drinking Problem Uke tab by Arizona Zervas

4 Chords used in the song: Bm, G, D, F#

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Album:  unknown
Key: BmChords
Bm Bm G G
She said I got a drinking problem
D D F# F#
But I don't got no problem drinking, though
Bm Bm G G
I solve my problems with the bottle
D D F# F#
And drink until I feel my face no more

[Verse 1]
Bm Bm G G
Walk up in the club, she grabbin' up on my Denim
D D F# F#
Pouring out a bottle, I spilled it up, I ain't tell 'em
Bm Bm G G
Said a couple of things, she probably think I meant 'em
D D F# F#
Shorty want a ring, I call her but I don't settle

Bm Bm G G D D F# F#
Rockstar, she know I'm a rockstar, pull up in the black boots rockin' gold chains
Bm Bm G G D D F# F#
Rockstar, she know I'm a rockstar, I know it'll kill me but I'll never gon' change

[Verse 2]
Bm Bm G G
Demons comin' so it's hard for me to relax
D D F# F#
My fam worried, don't wanna see me in rehab
Bm Bm G G
My vision blurry, it's hard for me not to relapse
D D F# F#
So f*** it, I've been drinkin', I'm scared of death and I mean that
Bm Bm G G
Bad habits, I smoke it like I'm a drug addict
D D F# F#
I try to quit but seemingly I'm not good at it
Bm Bm G G
F F***ed up rockstar in a Denim jacket
Bury me with some roses inside a leather casket

Uke tab by , 11 Dec 2020

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