Archie, Marry Me Uke tab by Alvvays

4 Chords used in the song: G, D, Am, C

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Year:  2014
Key: G, EmChords
G G                 D D          Am Am               C C
You've expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony

G G D D Am Am C C
You've student loans to pay, you will not risk the alimony

# etc. (repeat for each verse)

# Chorus:

G G D D Am Am C C
Hey, hey, marry me Archie

G G D D Am Am C C
Hey, hey, marry me Archie

# Bridge:

Am Am C C
Too late to go out

Am Am C C
Too young to stay in

Am Am C C
They're talking about

Am Am C C
Us living in sin

# (Chorus)
# (repeat forever)

Uke tab by , 27 May 2015

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Melie1105 avatar
This is the best version I've found, but can the whole lyrics be added? Most don't know them by heart
19 May 2020
emily8 avatar
sounds really nice if you end on G!
01 Feb 2019

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