Only One Uke tab by Yellowcard

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flosuke avatar
flosuke flag for US(ISO2) (Rowland Heights)
oh ok thx :)
24 May 2011
nfgluvr avatar
nfgluvr flag for US(ISO2) (port clinton)
All sounds good but i think the chorus should be C#m, A, E, B, A.
24 May 2011
About this song

"Only One" By Yellowcard is a song that moves you each time you listen. It makes you wonder if you have an only one. It makes you realize that every time you fall, you get stronger and believe what is beyond words. Sometimes the desire to meet eyes with your only one is the only thing you'll ever want to do. Yellowcard used to be a punk rock band formed in Florida. Later on, they released their hit album "Ocean Avenue" where they turned into alternative rock.