Burn Butcher Burn Uke tab by Witcher

6 Chords used in the song: Cm, Dm, Eb, G, Fm, Bb

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Album:  unknown
Key: CmChords
Cm Cm             Dm Dm
I hear youʼre alive
Cm Cm
How disappointing
Cm Cm Dm Dm
Iʼve also survived
Cm Cm
No thanks to you

Cm Cm Eb Eb
Did I not bring you some glee
Cm Cm G G
Mister Oh, Look at me?
Cm Cm G G Cm Cm
Now Iʼll burn all the memories of you

Eb Eb Cm Cm Dm Dm
All those lonely miles
Cm Cm Dm Dm
That you ride
Eb Eb Dm Dm
Now youʼll walk with no one
Cm Cm Dm Dm
By your side

Cm Cm Eb Eb
Did you ever even care
Cm Cm G G
With your swords and your stupid hair?
Now watch me laugh..
Cm Cm G G Cm Cm
As I burn all the memories of you

Cm Cm
Ladies and gentlemen
You have been the most beautiful audience!
Remember to toss a coin if you can
If anyone needs me, Iʼll be at the bar

Cm Cm
What for Do you yеarn?
Fm Fm
Itʼs the point of no return
After еverything we did, we saw

You turned your back on me

Cm Cm Bb Bb Eb Eb
What for Do you yearn?
Fm Fm
Watch that butcher burn!!
At the end of my days when Iʼm through

No word that Iʼve written will ring quite as true

Cm Cm
As burn!
Fm Fm
Burn, butcher burn!
Burn, butcher burn!
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn

Cm Cm Dm Dm Cm Cm
Watch me burn all the memories of you

Uke tab by , 13 Jan 2022

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Watch that butcher burn... im so sad, i finished season 2
18 Apr 2022

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