It's Thunder And It's Lightening Uke tab by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Bm chordBm D chordD G chordG D chordD Em chordEm x 2

Bm chordBm D chordD
Right foot followed by a left foot

G chordG
We'll guide you home before your curfew

A chordA Fm chordFm
And into your bed

Bm chordBm D chordD
Standing on our tip toes

G chordG
peering through open windows

A chordA Fm chordFm
I swear I heard my name

Bm chordBm D chordD G chordG D chordD Em chordEm x2

Bm chordBm D chordD
Sitting with the lights off

G chordG
Waiting for my brain to start

A chordA Fm chordFm
Trying to work things out

Bm chordBm D chordD
It's thunder and it's lighting

G chordG
And it's all things too frightening

A chordA Fm chordFm
I could barely see outside


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