Check Yes Juliet Uke tab by We The Kings

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D chordD
Check yes Juliet are you with me
Bm chordBm
rain is falling down on the sidewalk
G chordG A chordA
I won't go until you come outside
D chordD
check yes Juliet kill the limbo
Bm chordBm
I'll keep tossing rocks at your window
G chordG A chordA
there's no turning back for us tonight

lace up your shoes
A chordA O A chordA O ah
here's how we do

Bm chordBm
run baby run
G chordG
don't ever look back
D chordD
they'll tear us apart
A chordA
if you give them the chance
Bm chordBm
don't sell your heart
G chordG
don't say we're not meant to be
D chordD
run baby run
A chordA
forever will be
you and me

VERSE (D chordD, Bm chordBm, G chordG, A chordA)
check yes Juliet
I'll be waiting
wishing wanting
yours for the taking
just sneak out
and don't tell a soul goodbye
check yes Juliet
here's the countdown
3 1 now fall in my arms
now they can change the locks
don't let them change your mind

Pre Chorus (No Music)

CHORUS (Bm chordBm, G chordG, D chordD, A chordA)

we're flying through the night
we're flying through the night
way up high
the view from here is getting better with
you by my side

CHORUS [2x] (Bm chordBm, G chordG, D chordD, A chordA)

[END ON Bm chordBm]
you and me


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