A-punk Uke tab by Vampire Weekend

Ukulele Tab without chords.

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Tab comments (4)
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Onemanqueue avatar
nice, you should edit it to make it clearer that the pairs are played at the same time but otherwise it sounds great :D
17 Jul 2010
loser avatar
flag for AT(ISO2) (-)
it doesnt sound that much like the original song I think..
04 Jun 2010
bigmouth93 avatar
Tab is good, though the timing is difficult on the ukulele
29 Jun 2009
zaccooner avatar
i can sort of hear it, but it doesn't really sound like the song
22 Jun 2009
About this song

"A-Punk" is a single by indie rock band Vampire Weekend, released on February 28 2008. The band made their network television debut by performing "A-Punk" on The Late Show with David Letterman. The song peaked at number 55 on the UK Singles Chart and #25 on Billboard magazine's Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. The song was re-released in the UK on October 27 2008 and has, so far, peaked at number 64 on the UK Singles Chart.