Away In A Manger (hymn 206) Uke tab by Traditional English Christmas Carol

5 Chords used in the song: F, Gm, C7, Bb, C

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Album:  unknown
Key: F, DmChords
F F                                 Gm Gm
Away in a manger, no crib for his bed

C7 C7 F F Bb Bb C C
The Little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head

F F Gm Gm
The stars in the heavens looked down where he lay

C7 C7 F F Gm Gm C7 C7 F F
The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

2. The cattle are lowing, the poor baby wakes;
But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.
I love thee, Lord Jesus; look down from the sky
And stay by my cradle till morning is nigh.

3. Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me, I pray.
Bless all the dear children in thy tender care,
And fit us for heaven to live with thee there.

Uke tab by , 26 Nov 2018

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