I Know Id Recognize Your Face Uke tab by Tim Buckley

7 Chords used in the song: C,Am,Em,G,F,Dm,Csus4

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C C                        Am Am               
It's been so long, since you've been gone
Em Em G G
I hardly know where to begin this song
C C Am Am
Wherever you are, I hope it's not too far
Em Em G G C C
For you to hear me, it's been so hard
C C Am Am
Lay next to me, cry please don't run
Em Em G G
But I wouldn't fight or carry a gun
C C Am Am
I went far away, to start a new life,
Em Em G G C C | F F /// C C |
If I had stayed there, you'd be my wife

Dm Dm C C Csus4 Csus4
And I know I'd recognize your face
Dm Dm
Your memory keeps haunting me
C C Em Em G G
And I can't forget what time won't erase

C C Am Am
You know it's hard for me to come back now
Em Em G G
There's prison to face though the fighting is done
C C Am Am
Where can I find you, Daddy you have a son
Em Em G G C C
That's never seen you, he looks just like you

C C Am Am Em Em
I've sent this letter so many times, it keeps coming back:
"No one here by that name." Are you still in Quebec?
Am Am Em Em G G
Oh, it's so hard to keep warm through northern winter
C C | F F /// C C |
It's been so long

Dm Dm C C Csus4 Csus4 Dm Dm
And I know I'd recognize your face, the seasons come
C C Em Em G G
I can't let go and I'd know your sweet smile any place
Dm Dm C C Csus4 Csus4 C C
And I know I'd recognize your face (any time you know now)
Dm Dm C C Em Em
Anyplace, anytime, you know I'm still in love with you
Dm Dm C C
And I know I'd recognize your face


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