I'm Gay Uke tab by Thomas Sanders

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(none) D chordD
I'm gay

Gay means happy
D7 chordD7
I'm feeling gay today see my fingers snapping
A chordA G chordG D chordD
I wanna see the world don't feel like napping today

D chordD
I'm queer

Let's be clear
D7 chordD7
When I say the word queer I mean eccentric or weird
A chordA G chordG
And let me tell you all I'm being sincere
D chordD
When I say there's nothing wrong with being queer

D chordD
I like men

My fellow men
D7 chordD7
Women and men and everything in betwen
A chordA G chordG
And beyond women and men
D chordD
I like everyone the end

D chordD
I'm gay

But that's not queer
D7 chordD7
What's so strange about holding men dear
A chordA G chordG
I'm cheery because I'm gay
D chordD
And I'm okay with me


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pansexualboo avatar
p a n s e x u a l i t y i n c r e a s e s
06 Jun 2018
MasonRose avatar
MasonRose flag for US(ISO2) (ur mum)
AaaAAa yes so much gay uwu
23 Feb 2018
Jemmini avatar
I am very pan ????
19 Dec 2017
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