Come Out Ye Black And Tans Uke tab by The Wolfetones

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I xxx [AmAm] born xx x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx [GG] loyal xxxxx xx xxxx
And xxx [AmAm] loving xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx
And [CC] each xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx [GG] father xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
He'd [AmAm] invite the neighbours [GG] outside with this [AmAm] chorus

Oh xxxx [AmAm] out xx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx [GG] fight xx xxxx x xxx
Show xxxx [AmAm] wives xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx
Tell [CC] them xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx [GG] run xxxx xxxx xxxx
From xxx [AmAm] green xxx xxxxxx [GG] lanes xx xxxxx [AmAm] shandra

Tab from https //www guitartabs cc/tabs/t/the wolfetones/come out ye black and tans crd html
Come xxx [AmAm] me xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx [GG] slung xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx
When xxx [AmAm] thought xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Where [CC] are xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx [GG] loudly xxx xx xxxx
When [AmAm] our xxxxxx xx [GG] '1 xxxx [AmAm] executed

Alan [AmAm] Larkin xxx x xxxxx xxxx xxx [GG] strong xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx
Robert [AmAm] Emmett xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx
High [CC] upon xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx [GG] butchered xxxxx xxx
And [AmAm] the xxxxxx xxxx xx [GG] Wexford xxx xxx [AmAm] slaughter

Oh xxx xx [AmAm] hear xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx [GG] Arabs xxx xx xxx
Like xxx [AmAm] Zulus xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx
How [CC] you xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx [GG] sixteen-pounder xxx
And [AmAm] you've xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx [GG] natives xx xxxxx [AmAm] marrows

(additional verse)
Well xxx [AmAm] day xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx [GG] time xxxx xxxx xx xxxx
When xxxx [AmAm] dawning xxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx
And [CC] if x xx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx [GG] will xxx xxxxxxxx
With [Am chordAm] a bar or two of Stephen [G chordG] Behan`s [Am chordAm] chorus


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About this song

A few years ago (c. 1996) I was driving through Western Eire an came upon a town market. As I rambled around the venders tables I saw an old man selling cassette tapes from a van display. I asked his advice on some traditional folk music that may help me understand the troubles once seen in the republic. He quickley hopped up in the van and after rumaging and shuffling with stacks of tapes he jumped out with a hand full. I bought them all with no questions asked. Read more on