Blue Red And Grey Uke tab by the who

12 Chords used in the song: D, Dsus4, G, A, Em, B7, Em7, A7, F#m, Bbdim, Bm, A7sus4

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Original tuning : +3.5 step(s) [ ? ]
||:D D Dsus4 Dsus4 D D Dsus4 Dsus4 :||

|G |A
Some people seem so obsessed with the morning
|G |A
Get up early just to watch the sun rise
|G |A
Some people like it more when there's fire in the sky
|G |A
Worship the sun when it's high
|Em |B7
Some people go for those sultry evenings
|Em Em B7 B7 |Em Em
Sipping cocktails in the blue, red and grey
|Em7 Em7 |A7 A7 |D D Dsus4 Dsus4 D D...
But I like every minute of the day

|G |F#m |G |F#m
I like every second, so long as you are on my mind
|G |Bbdim
Every moment has its special charm
|Bm |A7sus4 |A7
It's all right when you're around, rain or shine

I know a crowd who only live after midnight
Their faces always seem so pale
And then there's friends of mine who must have sunlight
They say a suntan never fails
I know a man who works the night shift
He's lucky to get a job and some pay
And I like every minute of the day

I dig every second, I can laugh in the snow and rain
I get a buzz from being cold and wet
The pleasure seems to balance out the pain

And so you see that I'm completely crazy
I even shun the south of France
The people on the hill, they say I'm lazy
But when they sleep, I sing and dance
Some people have to have the sultry evenings
Cocktails in the blue, red and grey
But I like every minute of the day
|G G |A7 A7 |D D Dsus4 Dsus4 D D Dsus4 Dsus4 |D D Dsus4 Dsus4 D D Dsus4 Dsus4|D D
I like every minute of the day


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