Breakeven Uke tab by The Script

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Verse Gm chordGm - F chordF - A# chordA# - Cm7 chordCm7
Chorus D# chordD# - A# chordA# - F chordF - Dm chordDm


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CaptainUke avatar
CaptainUke flag for US(ISO2) (Dobbs Ferry)
I think you may be right about that hahaha
24 Sep 2010
flag for (ISO2)
i think the chorus should be
D# - A# - F - Gm
Dm doesnt sound right

but great tab (Y)
22 Sep 2010
ukelover22 avatar
Great tab!
20 Jul 2010
About this song

Breakeven is Irish band The Script's 3rd single off their debut self-titled album. According to the Breakeven Songfacts, this is about how someone always ends up with the lesser piece in life. Her best day will be her boyfriend's worst day.