I'm A Believer Uke tab by The Monkees

4 Chords used in the song: G, D, C, F

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Year:  1967
Key: C, G, Am, EmChords
[G G]I thought love was [D D]only true in [G G]fairy tales 
[G G]Meant for someone [D D]else but not for [G G]me.
[C C]Love was out to [G G]get me
[C C]That's the way it [G G]seemed.
[C C]Disappointment [G G]haunted all my [D D]dreams.


Then I saw her [G G]face [C C]
Now I'm a be[G G]liever [C C]
Not a [G G]trace [C C]
Of doubt in my [G G]mind [C C]
I'm in [G G]love, [C C]
I'm a be[G G]liever!
I couldn't [F F]leave her
If I [D D]tried.

Verse 2:

[G G]I thought love was [D D]more or less a [G G]given thing,
[G G]Seems the more I [D D]gave the less I [G G]got
[C C]What's the use in [G G]trying?
[C C]All you get is [G G]pain.
[C C]When I needed [G G]sunshine I got [D D]rain.

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Uke tab by , 16 Apr 2011

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Very nice. It sounds like the song was meant to be played on ukulele.
16 Apr 2011

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