You Always Hurt The One You Love Uke tab by The Mills Brothers (Baritone Chords)

8 Chords used in the song: C, Em, Am, F, G7, D7, G, Cmaj7

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, G, Am, EmChords
Original key: -2.0 step(s) (original tuning)
Chord progression arranged for the Ukulele
From the film, Blue Valentine

Tuning: FA#DG

Intro: C C*

Em Em* Am Am
You always hurt the one you love

C C F F*
The one you shouldn't hurt at all

G7 G7
You always take the sweetest rose

G7 G7 C C*
And crush it till the petals fall

C C* Em Em* F F
You always break the kindest heart

D7 D7 G G
With a hasty word you can't recall

[slow playing]

So If I broke

Cmaj7 Cmaj7
your heart last night

D7 D7
It's because

G7 G7
I love you most of all



Note: Many of the chords involve a brief moment
of changing the chord in either the G G or E E string
by playing it 'open'. I've marked them by an asterisk

Uke tab by , 21 Mar 2013

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