Love And Honesty Uke tab by The Hawaiian Style Band

5 Chords used in the song: G, Bm, C, Am, D

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Album:  unknown
Key: G, EmChords
The Hawaiian Style Band

Brown skin, light brown eyes
Bm Bm
Golden hair from sunny skies
C C Am Am D D
A A haunting smile, a fresh pikake lei
Soft touch, a warm embrace
Bm Bm
Tears of joy, they run down my face
C C Am Am D D
I think of you every single day

There's more to life than getting by
Bm Bm G G
There's times in life to really try
Am Am D D G G
My love for you really made me see
I won't give up, won't lose my dreams,
Bm Bm
Your being there is everything
Am Am D D G G
And I promise you love and honesty

Sunset, moonrise
Bm Bm
Calming seas under balmy skies
C C Am Am D D
A A walk with you beneath the whispering trees
We laughed so much our throats were dry
Bm Bm
And shared our hearts teary eyed
C C Am Am D D
Let this night remind us there's a way

Uke tab by , 16 Sep 2017

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