Windward Skies Uke tab by Ten Feet

3 Chords used in the song: F, C7, Bb

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Album:  unknown
Key: F, DmChords
intro: F F  C7 C7  F F  C7 C7

F F C7 C7
i've been thinking about the things I miss
Bb Bb C7 C7
when night comes around, it's for familiar skies I wish
F F C7 C7 F F C7 C7
when will I see you again
F F C7 C7
sweet, the days of youth and old refrain
Bb Bb C7 C7
you spread a little sunshine and then pour on the rain
F F C7 C7 F F C7 C7
when will i feel you again

(chorus 1):
F F C7 C7 F F C7 C7
And the windward skies sing lullabyes to me
F F C7 C7
Shine when you want, rain while you can
F F C7 C7 F F C7 C7 F F C7 C7
I'll understand, I really, really do

Uke tab by , 18 Feb 2010

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The songs you find on YT are in E not in F
15 Apr 2017

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