Stay Beautiful Uke tab by Taylor Swift

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C chordC D chordD
Cory's eyes are like a jungle
Em chordEm D chordD G chordG
When he smiles it's like the radio
C chordC D chordD
He whispers songs into my window
Em chordEm D chordD G chordG
In words nobody knows
C chordC D chordD
There's pretty girls on every corner
Em chordEm D chordD
They watch him as he's walkin' home
A chordA
Saying does he know
C chordC D chordD
Will you ever know


G chordG
You're beautiful every little piece love
Em chordEm C chordC
And don't you know you're really gonna be someone
G chordG D chordD Em chordEm D chordD
Ask anyone
G chordG
And when you find everything you looked for
Em chordEm
I hope your life leads you back to my door
G chordG D chordD Em chordEm D chordD
Oh but if it don't
C chordC G chordG C chordC G chordG
Stay beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul

Cory finds another way to be the highlight of my day
I'm taking pictures in my mind
so I can save them for a rainy day
It's hard to make a conversation when he's
Taking my breath away
I should say
Hey by the way
C chordC G chordG C chordC C chordC D chordD
Chorus With D chordD the end of beautifuuuuuuuul

Em chordEm C chordC
You and I are a story
G chordG D chordD
That never gets told
Em chordEm C chordC
If what you are is a daydream
G chordG D chordD
I never get to hold
Em chordEm
At least you'll know



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