Chicago Uke tab by Sufjan Stevens

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intro D chordD-Am chordAm-C chordC-G chordG

D chordD Am chordAm C chordC
I xxxx xx love xxxxx

G chordG D chordD
All xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx go

Am chordAm C chordC
Drove xx xxxxxxx

G chordG D chordD
xxx things xxxx xxx xxxxxx know

Am chordAm C chordC
We xxxx xxx clothes xx xxx state

G chordG D chordD
I xxxx xxxx x xxxx mind

Am chordAm C chordC
x xxxx x lot xx mistakes

G chordG D chordD
xx my xxxx xx xx mind


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pickletrip avatar
06 Aug 2010
About this song

The lyrics of "Chicago" are a particularly striking aspect of the song, in Pitchfork's review of the album Illinois it was said that " "Chicago" cagily celebrates the innate (and deeply American) tendency to employ highways as escape routes, ditching old mistakes for new swatches of land, new plates of eggs, new parking lots."