Mf Gloom Uke tab by Strawberry Milk Cult (Baritone Chords)

4 Chords used in the song: A, F#m, Dm, E

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Intro A A F#m F#m Dm Dm E E

A A F#m F#m
Wake up brush my teeth
Dm Dm. E E
Ready for another day of feeling bleak
A A. F#m F#m
Fuck I really just wanna go back to sleep love
Dm Dm. E E. A A
But I gotta go to work and get my green up
F#m F#m
And I’m sick all the time
Dm Dm
Coughing like I’m Ethan Klein
I’ll commit not alive
God I do this every night
F#m F#m
I just wanna sleep forever
Dm Dm. E E
Kinda wish my rhymes were clever


A A. F#m F#m
Mmm yeah It’s sad but It’s true
Dm Dm.
And I’m tired of dealing with this
MF ch-ch-ch-ch
A A F#m F#m
Gloom And I know where you are
Dm Dm
I been trapped way to long in this
MF ch-ch-ch-ch
A A. F#m F#m.
Room And I know someday
Dm Dm. E E
you'll find a place To be all on your
A A. F#m F#m
Own maybe once in a while
Dm Dm. E E
You’ll remember to pick up the goddamned
A A. F#m F#m Dm Dm E E

Ac hasn’t worked in ages
Feeling hot recently I been blazing up
Sweet stuff cooking up in the basement
My anxieties aren’t man enough to face me I
Haven’t worn
my old clothes
In a while
Pretty pimpin’
Like my name is Kurt vile
I been rockin’ my new fake smile
Lost my real one back when I was a child




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