Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Uke tab by Skrillex

Ukulele Tab without chords.

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duncan3 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Norwalk)
Thanks. I'm glad this arrangement finally got approved, I've edited it enough times I'm 99% sure it is the most accurate and easiest to play (at least for me). The chords are from sheet music, so they too should be completely correct as long as you use the right voicing.
03 Jan 2014
Falconwick avatar
The intro is still kinda weird sounding to me, but I'm no expert. The chords are almost spot-on, my only problem being a F might not be the best chord for this song, but, again, I'm no expert.
30 Oct 2013
About this song

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is the eponymous title track of Skrillex's second EP. The Scary Monsters and Nasty Sprites Songfacts explains that the song title is a reference to David Bowie's 1980 album, Scary Monsters and (Super Creeps). The female sample featured several times throughout before the breakdowns is from a cup stacking video uploaded by YouTube user speedstackinggirl titled "7.00!!! OMG!!! NEW PB! OMG!! OMG!!!"