Welcome To Eden Uke tab by Samia

5 Chords used in the song: F, Bb, G7, Dm, G

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, AmChords
*One strum

F F Bb Bb F F Bb Bb

F F Bb Bb
God boy gets up and he talks to his friends in the mirror

And he sees my mouth moving where his should be
Telling him he is too big for his body
Bb Bb
That he's got the antidote America needs

F F Bb Bb

F F Bb Bb
And so I'm talking about drugs and their adverse effects

Like people do when they've lost a friend
But I think it was me and not the drugs in the end
Bb Bb
Cuz God knows I have lost myself a veritable few of them

F F G7 G7
Don't let me give you my light it will blind you
Bb Bb
I'll love you and leave you there searching to find you
F F Dm Dm G G
Ain't that what they say at the meetings for those in my wake
Bb Bb F F
Well I thought I was Eve but I guess I'm the snake

Bb Bb

My sister is dead and it's due to my negligence
Bb Bb
I buried her good on a New England beach
And I'll love her forever but how could she know
Bb Bb
When I look in her grave and her cold fingers reach up and
F F Bb Bb
Rachel, I'm sorry for calling you by the wrong name

It was just a suggestion but now
It's a small fundamentalist cult-style religion
Bb Bb
From which you're relieved when you take things away from me

F F G7 G7
Babe, full disclosure I'm siding with you
Bb Bb
When you said that I left you for dead it was true
F F Dm Dm G G
So allow me to host the last meeting for those in my wake
Bb Bb*
Welcome to Eden folks
F F*
I'll be your snake

Uke tab by , 15 Oct 2018

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