When I Look Into Your Eyes Uke tab by Rex Harrison

23 Chords used in the song: Am7, G#5+, Am7/G, D/F#, F7M, E7b9, Bb/F, E7#9, Bb7M, D9, Bm11, Bm7, G7b9, C7M, Am11, Bm7b5, F7, B13, F13, E7, Dm7b5, Ab, E75+

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
[Am7 Am7] When I look [G#5+ G#5+] in your eyes
[Am7/G Am7/G] I see the wisdom of the [D/F# D/F#] world in your eyes.
[F7M F7M] I see the [E7b9 E7b9] sadness of a [Am7 Am7] thousand good [Am7/G Am7/G] byes.
[Bb/F Bb/F] When I [E7b9 E7b9] look in your [Am7 Am7] eyes. [Am7/G Am7/G] [F7M F7M] [E7#9 E7#9]

And [Am7 Am7] it is no [G#5+ G#5+] surprise
[Am7/G Am7/G] to see the softness of the [D/F# D/F#] moon in your eyes.
[F7M F7M] The gentle [E7b9 E7b9] sparkle of the [Am7 Am7] stars in your [Am7/G Am7/G] eyes.
[Bb/F Bb/F] When I [E7b9 E7b9] look in your [Am7 Am7] eyes. [Bb7M Bb7M] [Am7 Am7] [D9 D9]

In your [Bm11 Bm11] eyes [E7b9 E7b9] [Bm7 Bm7]
I see the [E7b9 E7b9] deepness [G7b9 G7b9] of the [C7M C7M] sea,
[Am11 Am11] I see the deepness of the [Bm7b5 Bm7b5] love,
[E7b9 E7b9] the love I [F7 F7] feel you feel for [B13 B13] me. [F13 F13] [E7 E7]

Autumn [Am7 Am7] comes, summer [G#5+ G#5+] dies.
[Am7/G Am7/G] I see the passing of the [D/F# D/F#] years in your eyes
[F7M F7M] and when we [E7b9 E7b9] part there will be no [Am7 Am7] tears, no good [Am7/G Am7/G] byes.
[Bb/F Bb/F] I'll just [E7b9 E7b9] look into your [Am7 Am7] eyes.

Those [Am7 Am7] eyes, so [Am7/G Am7/G] wise, so [Bb7M Bb7M/F] warm, so [Dm7b5 Dm7b5] real.
[Ab Ab] How I love the [E75+ E75+] world your eyes [Am7 Am7] reveal.

Uke tab by , 22 Jun 2011

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