Can't Stop Uke tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Year:  2002
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)
# For those who may be interested, I have also created a tab for 
# low-G tuned ukuleles that more closely resembles the song also
# here on

# Tablature Legend:
# -----------------
# br - bend and release



# (3x)





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Uke tab by , 31 Jan 2010

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Love the song
31 Jan 2010

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About this song: Can't Stop

"Can't Stop" is a song by American rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers from their 2002 album, By the Way. It is the third single from the album. Since its release, the song has rarely been left off of a live set. It is one of the only tracks on By the Way which revisits the original Chili Peppers method of short, rapped verses, containing fewer amounts of implemented texture. "Can't Stop" is unique, however, as it contains melodic and layered guitar and lyrical progressions, which the band's earlier work did not.

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