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Intro: [CC] [CC] [CC] [CC] [CC] [CC] [CC] (pause)
[NC] I xxxx xx xxxxx [CC] free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx [FF] need xxx
I've xxx xx xxxxx [CC] free
God [GG] knows… [FF] God xxxxx x xxxx xx xxxxx [CC] free
[NC] I've xxxxxx xx [CC] love
I've fallen in love for the first time
And xxxx xxxx x xxxx xxxx xxx [FF] real
I've xxxxxx xx [CC] love xxxx
God [GG] knows [FF] God xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx [CC] love
It's [GG] strange xxx xxxx [FF] true
[GG] I xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx [FF] love xx xxxx xxx xx
But x [AmAm] have xx xx xxxx
When x [DsusDsus] walk xxx xxxx [DD] door
[FF] Oh xxx x [GG] want xx xx [AmAm] free xxxx
[FF] Oh xxx x [GG] want xx xx [AmAm] free
[FF] Oh xxx x [GG] want xx xxxx [CC] -eak xxxx
[CC] … [FF] [CC] [GG] [FF] [CC] (pause)
But xxxx xxxxx xxxx [CC] on
I can't get used to living without… living without
Living xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx [FF] side
I xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xx [CC] -lo-o-o-one
God [GG] knows
[FF] Got xx xxxx xx xx [CC] my xxx
So xxxx xxxxx xxx [GG] see
[FF] I've xxx xx xxxx [CC] -eak xxxx
I've got to break free
I want to bre-e-eak free yeah
I want… I want… I want… I want to break free
[CC] cha-cha-cha


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About this song

"I Want to Break Free" is a song performed by Queen, which was written by bassist John Deacon. According to the I Want To Break Free Songfacts, he wrote it from the male perspective of the women's liberation movement. It featured on their 1984 album The Works. In the UK Chart, it peaked at number 3, and remained in the chart for fifteen consecutive weeks from its release in late April 1984. Most of the song follows the traditional 12 bar blues progression in E Major, a rare thing for a Queen song. Read more on Last.fm.