Fire Red/ Leaf Green Pokecenter Uke tab by Pokemon

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)


Uke tab by , 07 Jan 2012

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KilledBy avatar
Thanks for letting me relive my childhood XD
05 Jul 2012
eddiepeach avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Cornerbrook)
How have no idea how much that comment means to me KilledBy
04 Jul 2012
KilledBy avatar
love it, one of the better tabs on this site
11 Apr 2012
eddiepeach avatar
flag for CA(ISO2) (Cornerbrook)
I used to the Fire Red/Leaf Green version (didn't realize how different it was). Sorry for the bad title. If you want to play it the original key, move it 1.5 steps down (You need to retune it) or 4.5 steps up (need more than my twelve fret uke). Unfortunately I'm too amateur at the moment to try adding the other part but if anyone else wants to try go ahead.
13 Jan 2012
SaMemax737 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (San Francisco)
Accurate transcription of the melody, but a little boring to play. Why not add the harmony as well? Even just some bass notes would make this more fun.

(Also in the wrong key, but I don't care so much about that.)
09 Jan 2012

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