Pigs On The Wing (part One) Uke tab by Pink Floyd

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G chordG C chordC G chordG (x3)

G chordG C chordC Csus4 chordCsus4 C chordC

If you didn't care

G chordG Gsus4 chordGsus4 G chordG

what happened to me

C chordC Csus4 chordCsus4 C chordC

And I didn't care

G chordG Gsus4 chordGsus4 G chordG

For you

A chordA F chordF A chordA

we would zig-zag our way

A7 chordA7 G chordG C chordC

Through the boredom and pain occasionally glancing

D chordD G chordG Am chordAm

Up through the rain

F chordF Am chordAm F chordF

Wondering which of the buggers to blame

D chordD Dsus4 chordDsus4 D chordD Dsus4 chordDsus4 G chordG

And watching for pigs on the wing


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About this song

"Pigs on the Wing (Part One)" is the first of a two-part song by Pink Floyd from their 1977 concept album, "Animals", starting and wrapping up the album. According to various interviews, it was written by Roger Waters as a declaration of love to his then-love, Carolyne.Both are in stark contrast to the album's middle three misanthropic songs, and suggest that companionship can help us overcome our flaws. The casual listener may ignore them for the most part; however they are keys to the album Read more on Last.fm.