Oh Millie Uke tab by Parry Gripp

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Note Every chord it's playing four times except for the ones who have they are played one time

[Intro] D chordD*
G chordG B chordB
Oh what a thrill when the crimson starts to spill
Em chordEm C chordC
And my Millie goes in for the kill
G chordG
She takes away my breath
D chordD G chordG
She's the angel of death for me
D chordD
Oh Millie
G chordG
She's my queen
B chordB
It's like a dream
Em chordEm C chordC
When I hear her victims start to scream
G chordG D chordD G chordG
In and out of the sack she's the maniac for me
D chordD
Oh Millie
B chordB Em chordEm
When the blood starts drippin' down the walls
Drip drip drip
B chordB Em chordEm*
And the bodies start to fall
D chordD* G chordG B chordB
My heart skips a beat
Em chordEm C chordC
When my Millie's guns a-blazin' in the heat
Bang bang bang
G chordG
My assasin love
D chordD G chordG
She makes the murderin' fun for me
B chordB
Oh la-da-de
G chordG* D chordD*
Of all the imps in hell it's for her that I fell
It's for him that I fell
G chordG*
Oh Millie


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