Cowboys From Hell (Riff) Uke tab by Pantera

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hey there i relised that there was no!! pantera my fave band of all time so i decided to take the tome and convert from guitar over to ukulele



/-slide up
\-slide down
h- hammer on
p-pull off


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hellojocke avatar
this is VERY wrong. i am sorry
15 Mar 2011
About this song

"Cowboys from Hell" is a song by the heavy metal group Pantera from the album of the same name. Pantera used the phrase "Cowboys from Hell" (or its abbreviation, CFH) liberally in its image and merchandise. The song showcases Dimebag Darrell's style of guitar playing. The lyrics of the song concern (in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way) the fact that the band were from Texas, a place not usually known at the time for producing successful metal bands, and that they were breaking out of their home state to the world at large.