Fuzzy Blue Lights Uke tab by Owl City

4 Chords used in the song: F, C, Dm, Bb

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Album:  unknown
Key: F, DmChords
F F                 C C
If I could look across the country
Dm Dm Bb Bb
From California to New Jersey
Then I would count the parks and lake resorts
Dm Dm Bb Bb
And number all the jets and airports
C C Dm Dm Bb Bb F F C C
All those rather dreary rain clouds still bother me
Dm Dm Bb Bb F F
Cause I look through the camera eyepiece and cannot see

If I could open up my window
Dm Dm Bb Bb
And see from Tampa Bay to Juneau
F F C C Dm Dm
Then I would survey all those open miles
Bb Bb
And line them up in single file
C C Dm Dm Bb Bb F F C C
Everywhere I look I see green scenic sublime
Dm Dm Bb Bb F F
And all those oceanic vistas are so divine

F F, Bb Bb, F F, Bb Bb, F F, Bb Bb, F F, Bb Bb

Bb Bb F F C C Bb Bb
If I was standing on the balcony
Dm Dm C C
And you were walking down below
Bb Bb F F C C Bb Bb
I'd feel rather depressed and out of place
Dm Dm C C
And lonely just to watch you go
Bb Bb F F C C Bb Bb
If you were swinging from the highway overpass
Dm Dm C C
Within the western hemisphere
Bb Bb F F C C Bb Bb
I'd feel rather afraid and insincere
Dm Dm C C
If you began to disappear

(Solo: Repeat Chords From First Verse)

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Uke tab by , 23 Nov 2009

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Deleted account
Very well done!
20 Dec 2010

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