Secrets Uke tab by One Republic

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Verse 1
C chordC
I need xxx xxx
Em chordEm
Something xx xxx xxx xx xxxxx
Am chordAm
My life xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
F chordF
Need something xxxx x xxx xxxxxxx

C chordC
Til' xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx
Em chordEm
From xxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx
Am chordAm
Come xx xx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx
F chordF
Thought xxx xxx xx xxx xx
F chordF
I've been xx xxx xxxxx xx So


C chordC
Tell me
Em chordEm
Am chordAm
Sick of
F chordF
C chordC Em chordEm
This time
Am chordAm
Don't care
F chordF

Verse 2

C chordC Em chordEm
Am chordAm
It's like
F chordF
Who's driving

C chordC
And everyday

All the problems
Em chordEm
And when

Am chordAm
F chordF
I don't

Chorus (C chordC, Em chordEm, Am chordAm, F chordF)

C chordC Em chordEm
Oooh got no
Am chordAm
Got no
F chordF
Just don't

I'mma ....................

Chorus (Repeat x2)
(C chordC, Em chordEm, Am chordAm, F chordF)


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oddsat avatar
Sounds good! I play as: 12434324
19 Feb 2015
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i dont know why this got one thumbs down, these are good chords.
It ukelele for crying out loud people, every nnote cant be exact
05 Jan 2011
Tkelly647 avatar
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poster fails to includes one word per line
11 Dec 2010
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