Big Ship Uke tab by One Groove

3 Chords used in the song: F, Bb, C

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Chords: F F Bb Bb C C


Sailin', sailin'
Sailin', sailin'
We go sailin' sailin' yeah
On that Big, Big Ship (2x)

Verse 1:

Set sail from Hawaii Nei, docked in California
On a journey on a big ship we sail
Where it'll end only time will tell
There ain't no ocean too far or too wide
All aboard on this reggae ride
Hold on (5x)


Big Ship sailin' on the ocean
Big Ship sailin' on the ocea a-a-a-a-an
Big Ship sailin' on the ocean (Said a we don't need no comotion)
Big Ship sailin' on the ocean

Verse 2:

There's a time when the sea gets rough
Makani is blowing the i'a is movin'
What are you doing Mr. Man
Everyday I watch you move at lightning speed
What you got to do is sit back relax
Wait patiently like the fishes in the sea
You got to hold on (hold on)
You got to hold on (hold on)


Verse 3:

My father him a tell me a lot of tings
But this one ting always stick with me
Him a tellah me boy now what you gonna be
Whatever you be let me ask you this
Are you a follower? No I'm a leader.
Are you a follower? No I'm a leader.
No, no I'm....

Chorus x2


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