Gross Uke tab by Olivia Rodrigo

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# this is from her original instagram post of the shortened version, 
but if you want to sing the entire song, just take the same strumming
patterns from this because it's essentially the same through the rest
of the song :)

# strumming pattern: first two verses have one down strum at the
beginning of the line, following with claps (one whole note, a rest,
two eighths, rest, and then continued until the next down strum).
you can look at olivia rodrigo's instagram cover for an example.
after "And if I hate someone you'll hate them too" that leads into
the chorus, it follow a DDUUDU strumming pattern. for the last two
lines, the DDUUDU pattern ends, and the c to c to g and bb to c to g
are all single down strums.

Not long ago when I saw you there

With your brown eyed grin and your messy hair
Bb Bb C C
And every girl at the party was looking at you (ooh, ooh, ooh)

I wonder what I'd say if I knew back then

That the brown eyed boy'd be my best friend
Bb Bb C C
And the one I'd give my heart to (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Now everything reminds me of you

Your pictures framed all over my room
Bb Bb C C (no claps) C7 C7
And if I hate someone you'll hate them too

As long as I'm your darling angel

I don't need anything in the world
Bb Bb
'Cause I feel like the luckiest every
second that I'm your girl
I wanna do everything with you

Take the highs, I'll take the lows
Bb Bb
I'll keep you close

Give you the most, oh baby
I like you so much it's kinda gross
Bb Bb C C F F
Yeah, I like you so much it's kinda gross


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LauELi avatar
It's hard to actually clap with this so just tap the side of your uke (gently ofc)

I'd suggest instead of an F you do an Fadd9 chord (pointer on E on the first fret).

At the end instead of doing "C C F" do "C C7 F" (same with the last line
17 Jan 2021
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