Second And Sebring Uke tab by Of Mice And Men

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Am chordAmF chordFG chordG
I believe it's time for me to be famous
And out of place
Am chordAmF chordFG chordG
I believe it's time for me to move forward
Am chordAm
When I break through

Am chordAmC chordC
This time I'll make you
F chordFG chordGAm chordAm
Proud to see me over come on day light
C chordC
Proud of who you raised
F chordF G chordG
Your shelter your peacefulness
So this time I'll make you proud

Am chordAm

Am chordAm C chordC
Proud of who you raised up
F chordF
You know that I will
G chordG
Always be here till' the end
Am chordAm C chordC Am chordAm
Come back so I can say thank you for this
C chordCG chordG Am chordAm
Home cooked meals and a place to rest
Am chordAm
My troubled head when you're away
C chordC
I've passed the test I've earned an A chordA
F chordF
Not just in school but in life
G chordGAm chordAm
You'll always be right by my side
C chordC
To help me show hope to all
Am chordAm
That are lost and sick in this dying world
C chordC
I'll use the love you left behind
G chordG Am chordAm
I'll change their minds I'll change their minds

Am chordAm

Am chordAmC chordC
I hope I hope you smile
When you look down on me
Am chordAm F chordF G chordG
I hope you smile

Am chordAm C chordC
This can't we won't know
F chordFG chordG
I hope that I make you proud

Am chordAm C chordC
This is not what it is only baby scars
F chordFG chordG
We need your love like a boy needs his mother's side x3


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