Shawty Uke tab by Natural Vibrations

4 Chords used in the song: F#m, Bm, D, E

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Year:  2009
Key: A, F#mChords
Chords: A A....Bm....

Yeah, yah yah, nah nah ooh waoh, nah ooh waoh woho ooh
Yeah, yah yah, yah, yah yeah

Oh I have tried, so many times
Cause I don?t want, to see you cry
Well if you say, oh then I?ll stay
Cause we go through , this everyday
Know, that I got some love
And when then push comes to shove
Cause you don?t wanna wait, And I don?t wanna wait
Cause we don?t eva communicate, this so love

If you wanna be my shawty
We?ll toss with some old English fortys
Cause I don?t want just anybody
Together we?re the life of the party
So here?s my new years resolution
To clear up any obvious confusion
Cause I?m just hoping that you understand
Well I want to be your man

Don?t you see me girl I?m tryin? (tasit)(no wohoo wohoo woho)
And inside I?m slowly dyin? (tasit) (ooh ooh hoo)
Ah whose gonna justify
The love for you and I
Cause girl when I decide to give you
Ah yes uh, and All my love, uh ohh

Chorus x1

F#m F#m Bm Bm
Can?t you tell that I?m not lyin?
F#m F#m Bm Bm
Wipe your tears when you start cryin?
F#m F#m Bm Bm
Lovin? me you?ll neva lose
D D E E (tasit)
Cause I would neva make you choose, yah yah ah

Chorus x1
I wanna be your man
Together we?re the life of the, the life of the party
Won?t you be my shawty, my shawty yah yah
Whoa oh hoo wo, oh hoo wo, oh hoo wo, oh hoo wo ooh yeah

Uke tab by , 27 Feb 2010

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pohaikapena avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Nanakuli)
Good job! You should, however, put the F#m and Bm and E and D chords up at the top by your A chord picture just so people know what they're getting into.

03 Mar 2010

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