Unintended Uke tab by Muse

11 Chords used in the song :

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I'm sorry guys but on the app it shows the old and wrong tabs, at least on my phone. It might change in the future or maybe is it really only my phone... I hope so. In case that you struggle with the riff let me know and I'll tell you how's the right one.
Ps. let's specify that in any case it's a slightly simplified version of the intro.

Have a nice uke day
12 Jul 2020
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The E4 is basically played pressing the G and C strings on the 2nd or 4th fret. Also, the B7 on the tabs would be easier if played like an Em but lifted up one string. Last but not least, if you're wondering which strumming or picking pattern to use, here one possible answer: 4-3-2-3-1-2-3-2 // and for the strumming: D d D du
10 Jul 2020
About this song

Bellamy's explanation: "There are a few unintended love songs as well. The song I wrote about the girl was written in the studio after a phone conversation with her. We called it 'Unintended' because it came out of nowhere, and I didn't mean it to happen, all of these feelings for this girl.” Read more on Last.fm.