I'm A Believer Uke tab by Monkees

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Verse 1:

[GG] I xxxxxxx xxxx xxx [DD] only xxxx xx [GG] fairy xxxxx
[GG] Meant xxx xxxxxxx [DD] else xxx xxx xxx [GG] me
[CC] Love xxx xxx xx [GG] get xx
[CC] That's xxx xxx xx [GG] seemed
[CC] Disappointment [GG] haunted xxx xx [DD] dreams


Then x xxx xxx [GG] face [CC]
Now xxx x xx [GG] liever [CC]
Not x [GG] trace [CC]
Of xxxxx xx xx [GG] mind [CC]
I'm xx [GG] love [CC]
I'm x xx [GG] liever
I xxxxxxxx [FF] leave xxx
If x [DD] tried

Verse 2:

[GG] I xxxxxxx xxxx xxx [DD] more xx xxxx x [GG] given xxxxx
[GG] Seems xxx xxxx x [DD] gave xxx xxxx x [GG] got
[CC] What's xxx xxx xx [GG] trying
[CC] All xxx xxx xx [GG] pain
[CC] When x xxxxxx [GG] sunshine x xxx [DD] rain



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UkuleleMark avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Westminster)
Sounded good when i tried it =)
09 Dec 2009
taylorwilde avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (rochester)
this rules. dead on. perfect. well done.
09 Dec 2009
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