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Am chordAm F chordF
You were a child
C chordC G chordG
Crawlin on your knees toward it
Am chordAm F chordF
You make your mama so proud
C chordC G chordG
But your voice is too loud

Am chordAm F chordF C chordC G chordG
We like to watch you laughing
Am chordAm F chordF
You pick the insects off of plants
C chordC G chordG
No time to think of consequences


Am chordAm
Control yourself
F chordF C chordC G chordG
Take only what you need from it
Am chordAm F chordF
A chordA family of trees wanting
C chordC G chordG
To be haunted

(Chords repeat throughout the song)


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bepbeeples avatar
good agreements, we regret not having the main riff* - Ukelele user ^
27 Jul 2019
Ukulele avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Aix En Provence)
bons accords, on regrette de ne pas avoir le riff principal
04 Oct 2009
About this song

Kids is the Grammy Award nominated third single from MGMT's debut album Oracular Spectacular. It was released October 13, 2008. According to the Kids Songfacts, the song is about being filled with such typical college feelings as naivety, idealism, nostalgia, happiness and sadness . Kids has been re-recorded several times. The "newer" version that appears on Oracular Spectacular is updated from earlier versions that appear on Time To Pretend EP released in 2005 and We (don't) Care released a year before.