To Live Is To Die (Intro) Uke tab by Metallica

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# Repeat, note 2224 and 5322 chords aren't exact rhythm, listen by ear

# I usually don't play them as chords and pluck strings pseudo randomly with that finder pattern instead


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Vous devriez continuer d'écrire la tablature mais le début correspond
01 Nov 2017
About this song

"To Live Is to Die" is a mostly instrumental composition by thrash metal band Metallica from their 1988 album …And Justice for All. Keeping up with the tradition of the band's first three albums, the instrumental track comes late in the album and is lengthy. For over 2 decades, "To Live Is to Die" was the longest original studio recording to be released on an album by the band at 9:49, just a fraction of a second longer than "The Outlaw Torn" from Load clocking in at 9:48 and change (note that the original recording of this song is 10:48 Read more on