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Year:  1988
Key: unknownChords
# Tune C C half a step down

# A|---4---0--|---4---0--|---4---0--|---4---0-5-|---4---0--|
# E|-2---2----|----------|-2---2----|-----------|-2---2----|
# Cb|----------|-3---3----|----------|-3---3-----|----------|
# G|----------|----------|----------|-----------|----------|

# A|---4---0--|---4---4--|---------||
# E|-0---0----|----------|---2---2-||
# Cb|----------|-3---3----|-0---2---||
# G|----------|----------|---------||

# That is the main intro/riff to the song, hope you enjoy!

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Uke tab by , 17 Jan 2010

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kobeshane avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (San Pedro)
Cb doesn't exist.
21 Jun 2012
tagman95 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Murray)
seems a little out of key but decent
24 Jan 2012
Ukulaly avatar
the following please!! :)
18 Jan 2010
titi avatar
17 Jan 2010

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"One" was written in November 1987 by Metallica's principal composers

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