Love Is Easy Uke tab by Mcfly

4 Chords used in the song :

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A Ukulele chord F#m Ukulele chord D Ukulele chord E Ukulele chord

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I give you the reference words to change chords at the chorus

Intro: A chordA-F#m chordF#m -D chordD-E chordE-A chordA
Verse: A chordA- F#m chordF#m-D chordD -E chordE-A chordA x2
Pre-Chorus: D chordD-E chordE
Chorus: D chordD-A chordA-E chordE x2
D chordD- A chordA- F#m chordF#m- E chordE-D chordD -E chordE

D chordD A chordA E chordE
If xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx

Its xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xx
D chordD A chordA E chordE
If xxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx completes xx
D chordD
Cause xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx
A chordA
x xxxxxx equation
F#m chordF#m E chordE
xxxx xx complications xx xxxxx xxxx confused
D chordD E chordE
Ifxxxx xxxx love xxxx xxxx

Ohxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx do
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