Sweet Georgia Brown Uke tab by Louis Armstrong

6 Chords used in the song: E7, A7, D7, G, B7, Em

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Year:  1957
Key: unknownChords
E7 E7
No gal made has got a shade
E7 E7
On sweet Georgia brown,
A7 A7
Two left feet, oh, so neat,
A7 A7
Has sweet Georgia brown!
D7 D7
They all sigh, and want to die,
D7 D7
For sweet Georgia brown!
I'll tell you just why,
D7 D7 G G B7 B7
You know I don't lie, not much:

E7 E7
It's been said she knocks 'em dead,
E7 E7
When she lands in town!
A7 A7
Since she came, why it's a shame,
A7 A7
How she cools them down!
Em Em B7 B7
Fellas she can't get
Em Em B7 B7
Must be fellas she ain't met!
G G E7 E7
Georgia claimed her, Georgia named her,
A7 A7 D7 D7 G G
Sweet Georgia brown!

Uke tab by , 11 Dec 2012

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