Shine Uke tab by Louis Armstrong

10 Chords used in the song: C, G7, E7, Am7, D7, F7, C7, F, Cdim, A7

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C C                   G7 G7
'Cause my hair is curly
C C G7 G7
Just because my teeth are pearly
E7 E7 Am7 Am7
Just because I always wear a smile
D7 D7 F7 F7
Like to dress up, in the latest style

C C G7 G7
'Cause I'm glad I'm livin'
E7 E7 Am7 Am7 C7 C7
I take these troubles all with a smile
F F Cdim Cdim
Just because my color's shady
C C A7 A7 D7 D7 G7 G7 C C
That's the difference, maybe, why they call me

C C G7 G7
Shine, sway your bluesies
C C G7 G7
Why don't you shine? Start with your shoesies
E7 E7 Am7 Am7
Shine each place up, make it look like new
D7 D7 G7 G7
Shine your face up, I want to see you wear a smile or two
C C G7 G7
Why don't you shine your these and thoseies?
E7 E7 Am7 Am7 C7 C7
You'll find everything's gonna turn out right fine
F F Cdim Cdim C C A7 A7
Folks will shine up to ya', everybody's gonna howdy doody do-ya'
D7 D7 G7 G7 C C
You'll make the whole world shine


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