Tears Of The Saints Uke tab by Leeland

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Original tuning : +2.0 step(s) [ ? ]

Em chordEm
There xxx many xxxxxxxx sons
There xxx schools xxxx of xxxxxx
C/G chordC/G
On xxx city xxxxxxx they xxx
Even xxxxxxxx have xxxxxxxx
D chordD
Searching xxx shelter
Love xxx mercy
Em chordEm
There xxx homes xxxxxx down
May xx see xxxx generation
C/G chordC/G
People's xxxxx have xxxxxx to xxx ground
In xxxx state xx desperation
D chordD
From xxxxxxxx
For xxxx glory
C/G chordC/G
This xx an xxxxxxxxx

CHORUS xx first xxxxx then xxxx and xx second xxxxx

C/G chordC/G
There xxx tears xxxx the xxxxxx
And xxx your xxxxxxxx will xxxxxxx out xxxxx hands
G chordG D chordD
For xxx lost xxx unsaved
And xxxx up xxx crippled xxx
Am chordAm
We're xxxxxx for xxxx come xxxx home
Father xx will xxxx them xxxx
C/G chordC/G D chordD
We're xxxxxx for xxxx come xxxx home
Father xx will xxxx them xxxx


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