Peace Sign Uke tab by Kenshi Yonezu

8 Chords used in the song: F, G, Am, C, Dm, E7, G#, A#

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Tablature / Chords (Simplified Song)

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Album:  unknown
Key: AmChords
F F G G Am Am C C

Am Am Dm Dm
Itsuka bokura no ue o suresure ni
One day I set my eyes up to the sky
G G Am Am
Toori sugitetta ano hikooki o
And like a plane, my dreams were passing by
Am Am Dm Dm
Fushigi na kuraini oboeteru
And I awoke to tears that had filled my eyes
G G Am Am
Imi mo nainoni nazeka
I need to spread my wings out and fly
Am Am Dm Dm
Fugainakute naita hino yoruni
I lie awake at night with these memories
G G Am Am
Tada tsuyoku naritai to negatteta
Of feeling powerless and they're haunting me
Am Am Dm Dm G G Am Am
Sonotameni hitsuyo na yuki o sagashi motometeita
I'm always reaching out for this destiny,
To make it happen that's all on me

Dm Dm Am Am
Zankoku na unmei ga sadamatteru toshite
Cruel fate sets in motion, And no one else knows why
Sorega itsuno hika bokuno maeni arawareru toshite
Waiting for the day to come, when will it show up?
Claiming what's before my eyes
Dm Dm Am Am
Tada issyun kono issyun ikiga dekirunara
With every issue, I gotta breathe through,
Or the moment might just pass
Dm Dm F F G G
Dodemo ii to omoeta sonokokoro o
They all told me I can't, they were laughing,
Well look who's laughing now

Mo itchido tokue ike tokue iketo
Now I can feel the fire burning deep within me
Am Am C C
Bokuno nakade darekaga utau
I'll be the hero and no one can stop me
F F G G Am Am C C
Doshiyomo nai hodo netsuretsu ni
Loudly I will scream it from the top of my lungs
Itsudatte meo sorasita kimiga nidoto
You got those tired eyes from crying every moment
Am Am C C
Kanashimanai yooni waraeru
You cannot hide it, someone's gonna notice
F F G G Am Am C C
Sonna hiiroo ni narutame no uta
I'll be your hero, no one's gonna hurt you again
F F G G E7 E7 Am Am
Saraba kakagero piisu sain
Gonna raise my hand with a peace sign
G# G# A# A# C C
Korogatte iku sutoorii o
Our story will last forever

F F G G Am Am C C

Adapted by "Rin' Melo" on YouTube

English lyrics by "NateWantsToBattle"

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Uke tab by , 27 Nov 2021

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