Know What I Want Uke tab by Kali Uchis

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[Verse 1:]

F# chordF#
They say one door open when another door close
F# chordF#
I'm prayin' that's that way that it goes
C# chordC#
Because right when I'm 'bout to turn the door knob
B chordB
It seems it's all locked up and the key decomposed
F# chordF#
Remind me this the life that I chose
C# chordC#
Go full speed I can't read the signs that say stop
F# chordF#
I brush it off and try to act all nonchalant
C# chordC#
I notice everything I just act like I don't

Boy I know what I want

F# chordF# F# chordF# B chordB
I know just what I want
C# chordC#
Don't tell me cause

[Verse 2:]
B chordB
You swear that you're grown
B chordB
It's in the morning
F# chordF#
You won't call I'll come home
C# chordC#
I'm getting really tired of it
B chordB
All up in my phone boy leave it alone
F# chordF#
And I'm learning now I know
C# chordC#
Should have left your ass in the friend zone

[Verse 1]

Hook x

[Verse 2]


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