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Am chordAm C chordC

Before the music starts I’m right beside you

D chordD C chordC

The Fires Growing its Growing

G chordG C chordC

The Worlds in chaos but here we got peace

G chordG Am chordAm

And were just starting just starting it


C chordC G chordG D chordD

We are sisters we are brothers sons and daughters even more

C chordC D chordD G chordG

and i love you even though i never met you before yeah

C chordC G chordG

I’m on the edge of a human sea / my eyes are surfing on unfamiliar faces

C chordC Am chordAm

and the tide is in/ and still i know them they’re family

C chordC Am chordAm F chordF

you wave at me from across the stadium

C chordC

what a beautiful sight

G chordG Am chordAm

i feel refreshed like a new born baby

C chordC Am chordAm

if I’m not careful ill start to cry

chorus x 2



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